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It has been a few years since striper fishing was good from the surf locally. I remember well, when stripers rebounded back in the nineties, taking a limit from the surf  consistently. Now it has been a couple years since I have caught stripers at all, and they were freshwater or way back up in the rivers.

I know how much local anglers LOVE keeping secrets, so I am wondering if you all are ,maybe, catching but not reporting. It seems a shame to have striped fish around Va,Beach , where me and the grandkids can get to them, without scratching a few ourselves.

Anyway, we love checking out RUMORS, SECOND-HAND REPORTS, and WILD FANTASIES so give us a break (and a clue).

Merry Christmas!


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Not from the surf, but from my sis' dock in Princess Anne Hills (Rainy Gut?) on the fly rod with chartreuse clouser 3 days ago - missed a 2nd after a brief fight.  Both we're in ~5# range.  Hope to find a few this evening at sunset.

Merry Christmas to all!



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Great catch on the Christmas day. We're planning a few trip before the month ends, just need to finish the installation of anew set of tires and ion wheels on the truck. We're excited.

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