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Back Bay blitz!

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Fished two consecutive weekends with medium minnows and caught many large crappie with bluegills and bass mixed in. Back Bay has the fish if you have the time to go look for them!

We have been using 9-12' crappie rods which are a BLAST with 2 lb crappie!

Keep alert for snakes if you are prowling around...they are,too! And are they cranky!!! 

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VBSF.net | Fishing Reports From Virginia Beach VA To Hatteras NC 

Thanks for the report BA!

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Well, in the spirit of "keeping the people updated", here is my fishing report from the North River in North Carolina from Saturday, 3/31.

In excess of 75, maybe 100 large crappie and SUPER large bluegill, with a mix in of bass. All caught under bobbers with either small minnows or night crawlers. Best bank fishing day I have had in years for those species....maybe ever!  Did not see or hear a soul all day!  And I fished alone and released EVERYTHING.

If ya wanna catch fish in the spring or winter, I suggest you:

1)Get a North Carolina License

2)Go exploring everything bigger than a mud puddle, and don't be afraid to change up tactics. We fished four out of the last six Saturdays in Back Bay with FANTASTIC FISHING, up to the middle  of March when it all changed up and the crappie were mostly runts...then I went south this week.

3)Meat baits, baby...I don't remember catching ANYTHING this late winter/early spring on artificial....and I have tried using them every week.

Good luck to you all.


PS I think I could have caught on flyrod, but it is tough to do when you are getting bites all day with hardly a break. Maybe next weekend.

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