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Virginia Beach Fishing

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When the wind blew it blew hard in all directions with short interludes of calm seas.  Near the end of May the weather started to get more stable like it’s trying to get into the summer pattern, then Tropical Storm Alberto hits Florida and gives us tons of rain for the tail end of May.  

The Tog season was extended to May 15th giving us two more weeks to catch them up.  The Croaker started bighting good around the middle of May.  Flounder bight was tough but a few nice fish were caught, our largest for May was 18 inches.  The Flounder bite picked up real good June 1st last year and got better as the water warmed up.  Red Drum have been cruising into the Bay coming up the coast real good the last couple of weeks along with the Cobia.  Cobia season opens June 1st this year.  Here is a picture of a Citation Red Drum we caught.  Overall we had Lots of fun with Great People.

05-11-18 KeyDreams 6212.JPG

05-28-18 KeyDreams 6228.JPG

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