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We had our Hard Core Fishing Couple on board again today for their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  This young lady and her husband love to go fishing every year with us for their anniversary.  A beautiful morning with calm seas with an unlikely chance of rain unfortunately turned into running around to avoid a Thunderstorm and then another shower, so we went in a little earlier than usual.  We got to see a Beautiful Double Rainbow (second rainbow is a little hard to see it in the picture).  We still had a fun time and made good with the time we had catching some Spadefish and a Red Drum at 29 inches today.  We also caught a Shark, Skates, Oyster Toads, Seabass and Croaker, It was another fun day with these guys as usual and a beautiful day on the Chesapeake Bay.

07-05-18 KeyDreams 6071.JPG07-05-18 KeyDreams 6074.JPG

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07-05-18 KeyDreams 6063.JPG07-05-18 KeyDreams 6070.JPG

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