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We had a group of friends who work together get with us today on KeyDreams for a day of Spadefish and Flounder fishing.  It was a beautiful day with light South West winds.  We caught our Boat limit of 28 Spadefish and 6 Flounder with 4 keepers up to 20 inches today.  These guys seemed to just love getting out on the water and enjoying a day off and having a good time together.  They had plenty of fresh fillets to share.  We still caught the other stuff like Skates, Oyster toads, Seabass, and Croaker.  We were back in port and I had about half the fish cleaned before the Big Storm hit the area with strong winds, heavy rain, thunder and lightning, so I ended up getting soaked as I finished up cleaning all the fish.  It was kind a like a Lt. Dan (Forest Gump) moment.  Lots of Fun.

07-06-18 KeyDreams 6314.JPG07-06-18 KeyDreams 6309.JPG

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07-06-18 KeyDreams 6080.JPG07-06-18 KeyDreams 6312.JPG

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