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barnical bill

KeyDreams, Thur. 26 July 2018, Limit of Spadefish for the Guys and 1 for the Girl

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We had a half day Family Fun Fishing trip today where were 3 generations got out fishing with the kids on KeyDreams on this beautiful morning on the Chesapeake Bay.  We targeted the Spadefish today and we ended up with 21 of them in the box.  The boys caught 20 of them and the young lady came out for a few minutes showed the boys how to catch them and went back to hanging out in the cabin.  We were trying for the Boat Limit but the bight was a bit finicky.  It was a Fun and Beautiful day on the Chesapeake Bay today.

07-26-18 KeyDreams 6372.JPG07-26-18 KeyDreams 6369.JPG


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