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Virginia Beach Fishing

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We had a family group outing today getting the kids out fishing for a morning trip.  It was a cloudy morning with light SW winds and flat calm on the bay most of the morning.  Showers and storms were hanging south of us, but we got lucky and only got a sprinkling at the end of the trip.  We fished for Flounder for a short period of time and the youngest had the most action catching some jumbo oyster toads.  The Flounder were being stubborn so it wasn’t long before we ended up fishing for the Spadefish.  We messed around with the Spadefish and ended up putting Limit of Spadefish in the box.  Lots of Fun.

07-31-18 KeyDreams 6399.JPG07-31-18 KeyDreams 6400.JPG

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VBSF.net | Fishing Reports From Virginia Beach VA To Hatteras NC 

07-31-18 KeyDreams 6397.JPG07-31-18 KeyDreams 6396.JPG

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