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Key Dreams, Mon. 06 Aug. 2018, Cobia, Spadefish Boat Limit, and a Bonus Prize

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We had a family outing for Mom and Dad to get the girls out fishing with Key Dreams this morning.  It was a beautiful day with light winds, super calm and Glassy in some areas.  We started looking for Flounder and got some Flounder action but they were coming up short.  As we were heading to another hot spot we saw a couple small Cobia while cruising.  After doing some more Flounder fishing we decided to take a detour and play with the Cobias on the way to the next spot.  The first Cobia we saw look like it may be big enough so we flipped eels on it 3 times with no response, we were about to try a fourth time and a center console cruised up and flipped their eel at it and again they had no luck with it either.  We moved on and saw a few more small ones that wouldn’t eat.  We were almost back to our next fishing hot spot and we found about 20 Cobia’s packed up.  There was one that looked big enough to keep in the middle of the pack.  Surprisingly it took a few tries to get her hooked.  It was kind a crazy watching the small cobia grab the eel by the tail and drag it away from the pack and just drop it never having the hook in its mouth and swimming back to the pack.  The 3rd or 4th attempt landed rite on top of the biggest one in the middle of the pack and she sucked it up with-out hesitation.  The pack tightly followed the big one we had hooked and it was crazy fun trying to get another one hooked up while they all followed in plain view but they kept either ignoring the eel or dragging it away, like Spawning bass clearing their bed.  One finally pulled the eel off so I quickly grabbed a live bait and got one to hit but he missed the hook.  Started to get nervous about losing the one we had on the hook so we netted it and they left.  Since we did hook the biggest one in the group of about 20 of them and it was only 41 inches I’m pretty sure we got the only keeper out of that bunch.  It was fun playing with them be we decided to get back to Flounder Fishing and got a nice eating size Bluefish and a Triggerfish.  Then we finished up by going after those Crazy Fighting Spadefish and ended up catching our Boat limit of Spadefish.  We also caught the normal other stuff like little Seabass, Oyster Toads and another baby Sea Donkey.  Oh yea the Bonus Prize we saw floating on our way south and the Kids were excited about the rare catch (see pic).  Lots of Fun.

08-06-18 KeyDreams 6435.JPG08-06-18 KeyDreams 6426.JPG

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08-06-18 KeyDreams 6428.JPG08-06-18 KeyDreams 6430.JPG

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08-06-18 KeyDreams 6433.JPG08-06-18 KeyDreams 6442.JPG

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08-06-18 KeyDreams 6431.JPG08-06-18 KeyDreams 6441.JPG

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