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barnical bill

KeyDreams, Sat. 18 Aug. 2018, Flounder fishing on windy day.

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Today we had Mom and Dad get their grown Son out fishing with us for a Family Fun Flounder Fishing Trip.  The winds were out of the South West which is a good wind direction for fishing the Lower Chesapeake Bay, but they were a bit stronger then we like.  The Day was Beautiful and the wind made it seem not so hot but it does make fishing a bit more difficult.  The waves didn’t bother these guys and we all still had a Fun time.  We caught 12 Flounder today up to 20 inches and 7 for the cooler.  Mom caught the Biggest Flounder today.  The Son caught the most Flounder today which was payback since on the last trip his Dad caught most of the Flounder.  The bite was finicky but they were there.  We also caught the normal variety of the other stuff like Grey Trout, Oyster toads, and such.

08-18-18 KeyDreams 6509.JPG08-18-18 KeyDreams 6508.JPG

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