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KeyDreams, Sat. 25 Aug. 2018, Hard Core Fishing couple gets Flounder and a Cobia

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We had our Hard core fishing couple out with us again today.  It was a windy day out of the North East Definitely not our favorite conditions but it was cooler which is what she wanted, we tried to convince them to go Sunday.  We did our best to stay in protected areas to avoid the boat from rocking.  We ended up catching 8 Flounder today with a few for the box.  We also got some Crazy Cobia action today.  They wanted to mess around with the Spadefish but it was just too windy for us.  We also caught a few Lizardfish and the normal other stuff like little Seabass, Oyster Toads and such.  Lots of Fun.

08-25-18 KeyDreams 6535.JPG08-25-18 KeyDreams 6536.JPG

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