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KeyDreams, Thur. 4 Oct 2018, Citation Red Drum, Flounder, and a Couple Rare Catches

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We had our Hard-Core Fishing Couple with us again today and they brought a close friend and mate from the Bay Princess a local party boat that they fish on regularly when they are in the mood for Party/Head Boat Fishing.  We had a Beautiful Day with lite winds.  This young lady of 86 wanted to get one more Flounder Trip in before it gets cold.  We caught 5 Flounder today up to 22 inches and as usual this young lady caught the biggest and warmed our hearts with her Excitement and Laughter as the Big Flounder hits the deck.  We also had some Big Bull Red Drum action for the boys.  We landed 3 Big Reds and missed a couple of short runs.  The Big Reds gave the guys a good long hard fight to remember and a chance to hone their skill of fighting Monster Fish on Light Tackle.  The Biggest of the Bull Red Drums was 50 inches and Qualified for the Virginia Big Fish Citation Award.  The Big Reds were all released and swam off strong to fight another day.  We also had a rare for us catch of a Sting Ray (sorry no pic) and a Baby Butterfly Ray (pic posted).  That was only our second Sting Ray we’ve caught in the Chesapeake Bay in over 30 years, and the smallest Butterfly Ray we’ve caught, they are usually about the size of a truck hood or bigger.  Our most common Ray in the Chesapeake Bay is the Cownose Ray.  We also caught Bluefish, Seabass, Smooth Puffer fish, Oyster Toads and such.  Lots of fun.

10-04-18 KeyDreams 6622.JPG10-04-18 KeyDreams 6634.JPG

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