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barnical bill

KeyDreams, Wed. 25 Sept. 2019, Big Bull Red Drum are here.

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We had our hard-core fishing couple with us again this morning.  The weather including Hurricane Dorian had been keeping us from fishing, but when it finally looked fishable, we had to go.  It was a Beautiful Sunny Day.  The Flounder were finicky, and the bite was lite resulting in a few lost Flounder and a short.  We hooked up on 5 Big Bull Red Drum and landed 2 of them that were over 40” but not quite big enough for the Big Fish Virginia Citation Award ( 46 inches for Red Drum ).  The Big Red may not have won a trophy but it sure gave him a fight to remember and wore him out for a bit.  The Big Reds were released and swam off strong to fight another day.  The other Big Reds fought much harder and probably bigger, but after a couple long runs it pulled the hook and got away.  We also caught lots of the other stuff like Oyster Toads, Seabass and such.  Lots of fun. 


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