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VBSF.net Hurricane Frances Update Sept 09, 2004 630AM ? Our servers are located in West Palm Beach. Bellsouth is working around the clock to restore service. We have an inside guy that works for Allegiance. He says that the problem with the T1's is that the power is off. He reports that they have outages from Miami to Daytona both costal and inland.


This is a data nightmare but we feel better knowing for sure what we have.


The power is on at Dixie Ave. and US1 and we're 1 street over from that but I don't know where the phone relay is or if it's on the same grid. Probably not, because we lost power at 1:00PM and the internet at 10PM.


I'll post updates here, check back.



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Update Sept 09, 2004 1000 AM - I got a call at 8AM this morning from Allegiance now says that the reason we have no service is because Bellsouth doesn't have a generator to power the central office. So that means that the power grid that the Bellsouth central office uses has to be repaired before we get data again. That seems to be consistent with our contact last night. He also said that it was because of no power. I think we're getting close on power. :blink:

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